About me

HeatherHi – my name is Heather d’Entremont-Macdonald. I’m a PR-educated, travel-lovin’, bilingual and ambitious young lady. With a BA in French and graduate diploma in PR under my belt, I’m focused on learning new skills every chance I get.

See my LinkedIn profile for more info about my career experience, education and awards.


Writing and editing
Graphic design
Internal communications
Web-building (effective navigation, layouts)
Communications strategies
Corporate communications
Web writing

Fun facts

  • I’m a native (but currently displaced) Haligonian
  • I’m a proud Acadian with an English side (une moitié-moitié avec fierté)
  • I dream of one day owning a house in the country with a small, self-sustainable farm

One more thing you should know about me? I like results. I love getting the job done – and done right the first time. I believe in working smart and efficiently.

Note: All design, photography and writing samples are my own work, unless otherwise noted. Please give credit where it’s due. You’re more than welcome to use my images/words for non-commercial purposes, but please remember to give credit to the author/artist (moi) and link back to my website.

{Please note that all opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer}


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