Chitchat: Eek! Close the door!

One of my top reasons for avoiding the blogosphere and social media world has been my irrational (or, perhaps, very rational) fear of public exposure. Which, I will add, may seem weird coming from someone with a PR background.

In a world where identity theft is rampant and where employers/landlords/anyone else under the sun and their dog can likely see what you did last Saturday night (thanks to status updates and the annoying ability to tag), I felt quite justified in my continued restraint and rally against all things public.

But when I was recently advised that I may have to start looking for a new job sooner than expected (along with 19,200 other people with oodles more experience than I – try that for competition), I shuddered at the thought of updating my professional portfolio.

I’m not proud to say that it’s been nearly two years since I’ve looked at it. And when I looked at how much work I’ve accomplished in the past two years (yay me!), I became sick with the thought of…

  1. finding it all;
  2. organizing it;
  3. laying out a visually attractive but professional design; and,
  4. investing in printing the damn thing.

Yes, I was still using a paper portfolio. Shame on me, poor trees… I know, I know.

So without further ado, I proudly present my online portfolio. *Gasp*. I know, I can’t believe I actually got it published and live either. Enjoy-toi!


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