Chitchat: Rally against the system

Yet here I am. Joining it at my own will.

The system I’m referring to? The social media/sharing/networking world. A world I have casually shrugged off for several years now, despite being a Millenial and completing a post-grad diploma in PR (where all things web-related was top-of-mind subject matter).

So, why now?

Why, for self-promotion, of course. And to express my thoughts, fine-tune my writing skills, get my creative juices flowing, to connect with others, blah blah blah. Which are all just nice and elaborate ways of saying self-marketing and promotion.

With the Canadian economy (like many other countries) fighting budget deficits and many valuable and talented employees (public and private) being laid off, one must put aside indifference and keep up with the Joneses.

…or is it the Kardashians now?


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